Durable Flooring that’s built stronger and lasts longer

Fricks Corporation offers the most well made durable flooring in the industry. Their industrial as well as commercial flooring products have won many safety awards. They have been awarded twenty six awards, among them including the “Contractor of the Decade”. You can surely trust The Fricks Company to offer a Variety of Durable Flooring solutions to fit your needs. The Fricks Company has a variety of extensively durable industrial and commercial floor covering products. Their shrinkage compensating FSC Advantage Floor offers a solid finish, and shatterproof joints along with a surface with up to 90% less joints than traditional flooring. This floor easily maintains heavy equipment and forklifts and provides a long term solution.
Another durable flooring solution is the FDT Dewatered Traprock floor, which is by far the toughest durable flooring available. This is the durable flooring you will find in most structures. It is well known for its abrasion in addition to resist-ability to any particles that may destroy an ordinary floor. They in addition have a FMT Monolithic Traprock floor for more economical durability. This floor is designed to last an extended lifespan, and is an all around floor which can be useful in quite a few systems of durable flooring. The Fricks Company also offers an FSF Superflat Floor for defined traffic paths and a value-oriented FDF Floor for conventional floor necessities.
Fricks durable flooring can be used in structures like warehouses where there is a lot of carriage. It can be further strengthened by reinforcing and FMT Surface application which also increases its lifespan. With this durable flooring system you receive all that you need under one roof.
If you need any commercial flooring solutions, we have the best options in the industry. Let a Fricks Representative show you their wide selection of durable flooring products for your companies needs. They’ll provide you with configuration solutions that allow you to get the most durability at the best value with an end-result that reduces equipment maintenance and improves your facilities productivity for years to come. Feel free to contact us.